Obr Taxi

Elite provides all technical services, technical support, and admin services for the Obr Taxi company Obr Taxi
is a leading company in the field of ride hailing in Iraq and covers 6 provinces with a large number of customers
and users The services provided to Obr include network services, Call Center services and IT Solutions.

Oil and Gas

Elite Company has provided extensive services to many of the largest international companies operating
in the field of Oil and Gas in Iraq, such as Baker Hughes , Weatherford, Halliburton and Lukoil.
The services provided included the design and construction of local networks, VSAT connection, IP phones,
surveillance cameras and IT solutions with continuous technical support and cooperation for many years.

Al Ghadeer Village

The Fiber-Optic project in Al Ghadeer Village is an integrated project that includes internet services,
communication and broadcasting satellite channels to more than 3000 Villas, where the Elite
Company, in cooperation with the international company Flood and the American Zone, designed
and implemented the optical network completely and includes:Designing the structure of the
network in accordance with international standard specifications and in accordance with the
standards of the Iraqi Telecom Company Designing plans for underground cables and pipes
according to the highest standards to ensure future maintenance and expansion.
Supplying all network materials and requirements, including optical cables and all other materials.
Carrying out all civil works such as excavation, installation and installation of materials and devices
according to the best standards.Conducting splicing, optical welding and inspection using the latest
Japanese and American devices.

Karbala International Airport

Elite Company provide its services to Karbala International Airport project in the construction phase.Where
the company built the Internal Network, surveillance cameras, IP phones, and internal servers for the project.

Altoosi University College

Altoosi University College project is considered one of the most important projects implemented by Elite
Company. The project is located on an area of more than 20,000 M² and was completely covered with
Cambium Wi-Fi 6 network, IP Phone network and a giant surveillance camera system that includes different
types of IP cameras covering all parts of the university. Altoosi University College is the first University
in Iraq to use the modern generation of Wi-Fi 6. This will benefit in transferring its education system to
an advanced level and keeping pace with the global transformation towards e-learning and remote work.