Information and Communications Technologies

Elite Telecom offers a wide range of solutions and services that fulfill the various needs of business corporations and telecom operators. Each of our solutions has been developed with an eye on empowering our customers, fulfilling their business needs and capitalizing on their existing infrastructure. Our technical expertise, vast experience, and knowledge of Business Solutions, Networks and Telecommunications ensure that all diversified applications operate smoothly together as one total solution.

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CCTV products prevent incidents before they occur and keep a 24-hour watch over your location with proactive surveillance and complete coverage Put your trust in your Elite Telecom's CCTV network and let us help you maintain total security through instant alerts, identifying individuals or vehicles, and keeping what is necessary on recordings.

VOIP Solutions

Elite provides a full range of affordable Business Voice and Unified Communications Solutions. The demand for affordable, feature-rich IP phone systems continues to increase as businesses look to streamline communications, improve collaboration, and support mobility. Elite meets this need by providing cost-effective Voice services that deliver collaboration and mobility features that traditional phone services cannot match

VSAT Satellite Systems

Elite's VSAT systems provide high speed, broadband satellite communications for Internet or private Network Communications. VSAT is ideal for such uses as large file transfers, video transmissions, emergency backup communications and remote Internet connectivity. VSAT is an excellent way to connect remote offices, Camp sites or Mobile Oil field crews and Media vans to provide Internet connectivity for a Video transmission, Voice over IP Telephone services, or to send or receive data for your business operations. Elite's VSAT services provide shared (TDMA) or dedicated (SCPC) bandwidth at variable speeds from 64 Kbps to multi-Mbps

* Wireless Solutions 

- PTP Solutions (Point-to-Point Solutions)Point to point is the most popular type of Wireless Communications Topology that provides interconnectivity from one location to the other. It can be deployed in where most of the traditional connectivity methods are impractical. It is related to fixed wireless data communications.- PMP Solutions (Point-to-Multi-Point Solutions)Point to MultiPoint (PMP) is the another most popular wireless communications topology that provides interconnectivity from a single location to numerous other locations. It is related to fixed wireless data communications. In case where large number of nodes, end destinations or end users are present, Point to Multipoint will be the most popular approach.


Network infrastructure can be set up for companies and organizations. Where we provide all infrastructure services for your project
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Networking Hardware

● Routers

● Switches

● LAN cards

● Wireless routers

● Cables

Networking Software

● Network management

● Network operations

● Firewall

There are many services offeredby Elite Telecom

⟿Communication networks

⟿ Microwave Networks

⟿ broadband networks

⟿ Private Networks

⟿ Data Center Design

⟿ Network and IT hardware

⟿Surveillance Systems.

⟿ Monitoring Systems

⟿ Security Detection

⟿ Access Control Systems

⟿ Audio /Video Systems

⟿ LTE and 5G Fixed